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10 Secrets in Google Search, You do not know them as a Software Developer!

10 Secrets in Google Search, You do not know them as a Software Developer!

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Khairallah AL-Awady

Published on Oct 23, 2021

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As Software Engineers, we face many Problems and our only Friend is always Google, so here are the ways to Search on Google as a Professional:

1. Using Google to correct your spelling

Undoubtedly, you will make a mistake in writing some words in English bad in official emails or messages, you can use Google to correct the error in writing by writing the word or something similar and the first option in the search will be the correct writing of this word or sentence.

2. Using + and - in Search

You can use the + and - signs to make your search more specific and accurate.

for Example: When you want to access a certain type of videos and articles on Stackoverflow, you can use the following combination:

Stackoverflow + the Problem You're have

3. Search within a specific site

You can search exclusively within a specific site by typing, JavaScript

When you search this way you will reach the results for JavaScript within the w3schools site only

4. Search inside YouTube from Google

You can search inside YouTube directly from Google by typing the name of YouTube in the search bar from the top.

Then press the TAB button and then type what you want to search for, and when you press Enter, YouTube will open with you and the search result directly.

5. Search for a specific file type by filetype

You can directly search for a specific type of file by using the filetype property, for example:

I want to find a pdf file about Learn JavaScript I can do that by writing: Learn JavaScript filetype:pdf

And if I want to search for a word file: Learn JavaScript filetype:doc

6. Use quotation marks when searching “”

You can search for a specific sentence from an article or text and access it quickly by using the quotation marks, as using them means that Google will search for what is inside the two marks as one piece.

for example: "JavaScript Tips"

When you search like this, you will only get results similar to this sentence - you won't find results for tips only or only JavaScript but results for the whole sentence.

7. Find articles with a specific word in their title

You can search for articles with a specific word in their title by typing the following in the search:


In this case, the results will be all topics and articles that have the word (@hashnode) in their title.

8. Find sites similar to a specific site

You can search for sites similar to a specific site by typing the following in the Google search box:

When you press the search button, the result will be sites similar to Twitter's site.

9. Search for sites with a link to your site

You can search for sites with a specific link by typing the following:

Here the result will be all the sites that have a Twitte link, and you can use this method with any link.

10. Using Google to convert between currencies, distances and weights

You can convert between currencies, for example, by using this formula:


Here the result will be the price of the dollar against the euro and also a place to write the amount you want to transfer from and to the dollar or the euro.

You can also convert between weights and lengths in the same way.

That's it, folks! hope it was a good read for you. Thank you! ☺️

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